Cold Disinfectant For Dialyzer Reprocessing & Haemodialysis Machines

Peracetic Acid: 4%; Hydrogen Peroxide: 26%; Stabilizers

  • Bactericidal; Fungicidal; Sporicidal; Tuberculocidal; Virucidal: HBV, HCV, HIV
  • Effective against endotoxins & removes biofilm
  • Hence environment friendly after mixing with water degrades to CO2 & H2O
  • Removes Calcium & Magnesium carbonates effectively
  • Non-inflammable & non-noxious fumes in diluted form
  • Expiry: 1.5 years after manufacturing in packed form
  • Colour-less liquid with Acetic odour
  • Comparative lower acute toxicity (LD50)
  • 3.5% solution of RENAP is recommended for Dialyzer reprocessing (disinfection)